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At record speeds, technology companies are developing cutting edge products and services that improve people’s lives. It is critical that those technology companies’ insurance agents keep abreast of the insurance availability at a similar pace. We have that capability through our unique relationship with our insurers, who are competitive in technology businesses.

Businesses Served


  • Wired Communications Carriers
  • Satellite Data Communications
  • Ethernet Providers
  • VoIP Telecommunication Providers
  • Telecommunications Resellers
  • Wireless Data Telecommunications
  • Telephone & Networking Providers

Information Technology

  • Network and Server Application
  • Consumer Software Application
  • Data Storage
  • Web Developers and Designers
  • Hosting Services & Web Services
  • E-commerce Enablers
  • Computer Repair and Maintenance
  • IT Staffing
  • System Designers & System Integrators
  • Sustainability Analysis and Consulting
  • Network Architecture

Medical Technology

  • X-Ray, Ultrasound, and MRI Machines
  • Heart Monitors & Blood Pressure Monitors
  • Endoscopes, Drills, and Implants
  • Surgical Instruments
  • Diagnostic Test Kits
  • Veterinary Instruments and Technology
  • Dental Instruments and Technologies
  • Suction Cup Equipment

Electronic Manufacturing

  • Robots & Industrial Lasers
  • Automated Printing Machines
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing Machines
  • Mainframe Computers & PCs
  • Network Servers
  • Keyboards, Monitors, and Printers Microchips & Circuit Boards
  • Data Storage Devices
  • Infrared Cameras
  • Flow Meters & Precision Scales
  • Vibration-Sensing Equipment
  • Electron Microscopes
  • Centrifuges, Gauges, and Spectrometers

Yeager Insurance and Financial Services offers competitive pricing for commercial business insurance, great customer service and a peace of mind for your business in the West Virginia serving Hurricane WV, Scott Depot WV, Charleston WV, Huntington WV, Parkersburg WV, Morgantown WV, Wheeling WV, Weirton WV, Fairmont WV, Martinsburg WV, Beckley WV, Clarksburg WV. Contact a representative professional at Yeager Insurance and Financial Services today for a free quote on the best commercial business insurance in West Virginia. Call (304) 757-3900

Independent means we work for you, our valued Client! Whether your company is an emerging business or industry leader we have the ability to assess and implement customized business solutions to control your exposure to risk and defuse the rising costs of insurance.

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